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亚博网页登陆-德尚:打葡萄牙不会想着复仇 我们是欧洲最出色的两支球队
名称:亚博网页登陆-德尚:打葡萄牙不会想着复仇 我们是欧洲最出色的两支球队

At 2:45 on October 12th, Beijing time, a focus of the European League A-level battle will begin. France will play against Portugal at home. In the 2016 European Cup final, France lost to Portugal 0-1 and finished second. A few days ago, French national team coach Deschamps accepted an interview with the media and talked about the final four years ago.


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What is your mentality when playing against Portugal again? Will you motivate the team with your failure four years ago, or will you look forward?


Deschamps: "It's too long, and the result of the game will not change. There is nothing to remember. What is important is our thoughts. They were European Cup champions, and so are we, which is good. Some players are still playing for both sides, This is a great matchup. We are the two best teams in Europe and the world."


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What is the physical condition of the team?


Deschamps: "Everything is good. 25 players can play, Mandanda and Kanter have not played before. These days we are moving forward step by step."


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How about Kanter and Lucas Hernandez?


Deschamps: "Kant's situation is very good. He has resumed training on Thursday and Friday. He is slowly recovering, just like Koeman. Lucas has had a complicated season. His playing time Relatively few, but since his comeback, his playing time with Bayern has also increased. I know his abilities and personality very well. He has no problems with his body now and his condition is also very good."


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After playing Croatia next week, the eight players will return to the club and they will be playing again. They may be greatly affected. Would you consider this situation?


Deschamps: "I won't think about it tomorrow. Let's see it again on Wednesday. We have already started preparing for this game, but we have not considered the schedule. We have to take it step by step. We still have very important games to play, and we have to Try to win. I will allocate the playing time of the players, but will not consider the situation of the club."


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Considering the epidemic, how did you prepare for the war?


Deschamps: "We all have situations that need to be dealt with. Ukraine and Portugal are both more difficult than us. Portugal has Fonte positive, but as Santos said, normal training can still be carried out. I watched their game against Spain, Many players can play. We also have a positive case, so I don’t think Portugal’s strength will be weakened."


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How do you evaluate En Zongqi's performance?


Deschamps: "He was also a bit lost in the French team, and the situation at the club was a bit complicated for him. After returning to the French national team, he rebounded. He helped us a lot. That's why I will Called him to play in the World Cup. Some people forgot about him, but he came off the bench in the final. He can do his job well. He also has the ability to make threats on the offensive end. His performance in the last game will not Change my opinion. He is not a member of the younger generation, but he has a wealth of experience. He is a good balance for the team."


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