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With the full spread of the new crown epidemic in Europe, UEFA and its member competitions have entered a "live and long" state of suspension. Under the severe situation, UEFA naturally announced that it will be originally scheduled for this year. The European Cup held in the summer will be postponed one year to next summer.


This has also become the first postponed event since its creation in 1960 and held in an odd number of years. However, this sudden global epidemic has allowed fans to witness too many historical moments. Compared with the cold numbers, perhaps What fans are more concerned about is what kind of chain reaction will UEFA’s historic move bring to the entire international football scene?


As European countries have adopted strong epidemic prevention measures such as border blockade, if the epidemic is effectively controlled in a few weeks, it is not entirely impossible to catch up with the original scheduled European Cup in mid-June. But the core of the problem lies in how the European leagues should be arranged, because the original national leagues ended in mid-May at the latest, and there is a one-month buffer time before the European Cup. However, the current league matches in March and April are basically suspended. Assuming that from the beginning of May, Europe can return to normal, less than one and a half months before the start of the European Cup, which means that if the European Cup is guaranteed Without being affected, it is necessary to play the remaining leagues in this one and a half month. During this period, the UEFA Champions League and other countries’ cups will be interspersed. Before the European Cup, the national teams also need to train and arrange for friendly matches in advance, even if they host each. Fang is willing to accept such a horrible "devil schedule", and the players have no physical strength to deal with it. Even if the players gritted their teeth and survived the intensive schedule, they will be at the end of the European Cup. The state will be greatly affected and it will inevitably reduce the viewing of the European Cup. Sex.


Therefore, if you want to ensure that the European Cup can be successfully held, you must first deal with the remaining matches of the European leagues. The easiest way is to shorten the schedule and cancel the remaining matches. This proposal is also very controversial after the major leagues have been suspended. Items. Although this proposal is the most straightforward and simple way to deal with it, it is almost impossible to achieve. The core is only money. Because this currently closed season is not like the NBA because of labor disputes that caused the schedule to shrink from the beginning of the season, both the broadcast rights and season tickets have been sold. Ending the league early is tantamount to breach of contract, whether it is broadcast media or sponsorship. Fans who have purchased season tickets can sue major leagues and end the league early, leaving them with a huge sum of money that they may not be able to compensate.


In addition, because ending the season early will affect the league’s rankings, which involves championship ownership, promotion and relegation, bonuses, and broadcast fee sharing. The affected teams can also challenge the league officials for this, which in turn will mean troublesome legal disputes. And potentially huge indemnities. Therefore, the managers of the national leagues will try their best to finish the remaining leagues. This throws the problem to UEFA, because all club matches are contracts to be fulfilled by players, but national team matches are not. Players are not obliged to accept the call of the national team, so if the remaining schedule is too dense or conflicts with the European Cup schedule due to time reasons, then the European Cup will be the most affected in the end.


Therefore, it is the only option for the European Cup to make way for the league. After all, the league has to be organized every year, and the flexibility of adjustment is relatively low. However, the adjustment flexibility of the European Cup, which is held every four years, is relatively high. The European Cup makes way for the league. Not only saved the leagues of various countries, but also saved themselves. Otherwise, from a long-term perspective, a European Cup that lacks spectacle will definitely bring greater losses to UEFA.


It is Premier League leader Liverpool that is most happy to see its success in the European Cup concession to the national leagues. As the leading team in the five major leagues, the Red Army only needs to win 2 games in the remaining 9 rounds to secure the championship. UEFA's move will undoubtedly give the Red Army fans who are worried that the championship will be wiped out.


At the same time, the postponement of the event has a chance to regroup for some teams that were in poor condition before the lockout and are in the relegation zone. It is also conducive to teams that have suffered a serious injury crisis to have the opportunity to compete for the championship, fourth, and relegation. Waiting for the return of the main players, such as Tottenham can take advantage of this lockout opportunity to wait for the two main attackers Kane and Sun Xingmin to return to the team, which is vital for them who need to make efforts to enter the Champions League at the end of the season.


UEFA chose to postpone the European Cup for one year. This is a choice that must be made based on their own position, but this decision will undoubtedly completely disrupt the overall deployment of FIFA, causing UEFA and FIFA, which are already in constant friction with each other. A "game" without gunsmoke was launched.


First of all, the immediate impact of the European Cup’s postponement is the 2021 Club World Cup that will be held in China at the same time. This Club World Cup is a brand new and restructured version of the Club World Cup created by FIFA. The number of participating teams Significant increase, especially the substantial expansion of European teams will also increase the viewing of the game, and this is also the key layout of Infantino's commitment to opening up the Chinese market since taking office. The Club World Cup, originally scheduled to be held from June to July 2021, will undoubtedly conflict with the European Cup in terms of schedule, and not to mention that it will be held at the same time to grab ratings. A large number of participating European teams also need to participate in the European Cup. The international football team, in the case of the European Cup postponement is a foregone conclusion, if the Club World Cup is forced to be held, it will definitely suffer heavy losses. The latest news shows that the Club World Cup has been confirmed to be postponed, but the specific time has not been announced.


Although the Club World Cup has been confirmed to be postponed, there are still many issues that need to be resolved. If it is postponed to the summer of 2022, although there will not be a head-on conflict with the World Cup in December, keeping all stars 24/7 will inevitably affect the quality of the World Cup at the end of the year.


If you choose to maintain the quality of the 2022 World Cup, and choose to postpone it for another year to the summer of 2023, then the situation will be reversed. The 2022 World Cup will inevitably affect the winter break of the 2022-23 European League, and it will let this The season’s league schedule is more intensive, so for the same reason, players have gone through an intensive season and period of the World Cup. By the time the Club World Cup is already at the end of the game, some big-name star clubs who want to participate in the World Club Cup are not even ruled out. Choosing to rest instead of participating in the Club World Cup will reduce the viewing and quality of the Club World Cup. This is obviously not what the Chinese and Chinese fans as the organizers like to see. Therefore, if it is postponed to the summer of 2023, I am afraid that it will be The organizer’s opposition.

如果您选择保持2022年世界杯的质量,并选择将其推迟到2023年夏季再进行一年,那么情况将会逆转。 2022年世界杯足球赛将不可避免地影响2022-23年欧洲联赛的冬季休假,这将使本赛季的联赛赛程更加紧张,因此,出于同样的原因,球员们经历了整个世界杯的紧张赛季。到俱乐部世界杯已经结束时,一些想参加世界杯的大牌明星俱乐部甚至都没有被排除在外。选择休息而不参加俱乐部世界杯将降低俱乐部世界杯的观看次数和质量。显然,这不是组织者所喜欢的中国和中国球迷。因此,如果推迟到2023年夏天,恐怕将是组织者的反对。

Today, Ceferin has preemptively thrown the problem to Infantino. After the epidemic has stabilized, a storm in the teapot of FIFA and UEFA may be about to unfold.


The European Cup makes way for the European League. It is true that the teams can relax, but for some players, it may not be good news.


As the new crown epidemic has completely shut down leagues in European countries, it is inevitable for all teams to suffer economic losses, including refunds of fans due to changes in the schedule, poor business in surrounding stores, and business of team owners will more or less be hit. It will directly damage the finances of the teams, and the direct result will be that the teams have tightened their money and reduced their budgets to tide over the difficulties. This will make it difficult for the transfer market this summer to be as hot as in previous years.


First of all, the most impacted players are undoubtedly the players whose contracts expired this summer. Many of them have refused to renew their contracts with the team and want to test the free market. An important reason is that they hope to be able to sign big contracts by increasing their value in the European Cup . With the postponement of the European Cup and the economic crit of the new crown virus epidemic, these free agents are not only likely to not get the expected contract, but may also face a substantial decline in their value. And this year's free market does have a lot of big fish, including Cavani, William, Mertens and Savage players, their contracts will expire this summer, and have not yet signed a new contract. The free transfer market in the summer of 2020 may be very unfavorable for them to find their next home, and the current environment will also greatly increase the probability of them renewing their contracts with the parent team.

首先,受影响最大的球员无疑是今年夏天合同到期的球员。他们中的许多人拒绝与团队续签合同,并想测试自由市场。一个重要的原因是,他们希望能够通过增加在欧洲杯中的价值来签订大合同。随着欧洲杯的推迟和新的冠状病毒流行的经济危机,这些自由球员不仅可能无法获得预期的合同,而且其价值可能会大幅下降。今年的自由市场确实有很多大鱼,包括Cavani,William,Mertens和Savage球员,他们的合同将在今年夏天到期,并且尚未签订新合同。 2020年夏季的免费转会市场可能不利于他们找到下一个家,而当前的环境也将大大增加他们与母队续签合同的可能性。

Secondly, the postponement of the schedule may cause some contract disputes. Players who often play FM should be familiar with it. Players generally sign contracts that expire on June 30 of a certain year. Once June 30th has passed, the ownership of freely transferred players becomes a problem. According to the contract, they will not belong to the original team after this day and will become players of the new team, but if the season is still not over , And the inability to complete the registration for these players is somewhat unfair to the original team of the transfer player, which is equivalent to their direct non-combat attrition. This is extremely important for the teams that want to compete for the championship and relegation at the last minute. unfavorable. Therefore, the Spanish Football Association President Tevas expressed his hope that the remaining schedule can be arranged before June 30. But this ultimately depends on when the epidemic can subside, and once it lasts until June, it will also be a major problem for the teams that are about to expire.


But in any case, the transfer market in the summer of 2020 will be a cold market. Although on the one hand it is not conducive to the flow of players to bring a new atmosphere to the international football world, on the other hand, it also helps to make the increasingly irrational in recent years. The transfer market is cooling.


Also as a four-year event, the European Cup has a status no less than that of the World Cup in the minds of many fans. Therefore, for European nationals, being selected for the European Cup list will be a big name and glory for the country. Opportunity, on the contrary, it will be a great regret in life if you miss the European Cup for objective reasons.


Due to the one-year postponement of the European Cup, this has brought new variables to the list of national teams that have become increasingly clear.


The first ones who directly benefited are those players who were reimbursed this season due to injuries and were determined to miss the European Cup in the summer, such as Leicester City’s Portuguese right-back Ricardo Pereira, who was recently reimbursed for the season due to a ligament injury. Blue Fox coach Rogers said that Pereira will take at least four months to fully recover and will miss the European Cup scheduled to be held this summer. But the postponement of the European Cup for one year will undoubtedly make the Portuguese international see the light again.

第一个直接受益的人是那些因受伤而在本赛季得到报销并决心错过夏季欧洲杯的球员,例如莱斯特城的葡萄牙右后卫里卡多·佩雷拉(Ricardo Pereira),最近因该赛季获得了报销。韧带损伤。蓝狐教练罗杰斯说,佩雷拉将需要至少四个月的时间才能完全康复,并将错过定于今年夏天举行的欧洲杯。但是欧洲杯推迟一年无疑将使葡萄牙国脚再次见光。

But for some players who are already too old and whose situation in the team is not clear, postponing the European Cup may mean that they will miss the opportunity to play again in their careers. For example, the Blues forward Giroud, although the Frenchman has an irreplaceable tactical position in Deschamps' system, he has few opportunities to play under Frank Lampard, who is determined to reuse young people this season. For the 33-year-old Giroud, although his number of appearances has increased after the winter window, his marginalization in the team is a foregone conclusion. Given the cold transfer market this summer, it is difficult for Giroud. Find a satisfactory next home, and if you continue to stay in the team, the one-year-old Frenchman will find it difficult to get more chances to play, and it will be difficult to maintain a good enough competitive form to wait for Deschamps’ call next summer. The French forward veteran is obviously not good news.

但是对于一些年龄已经过大且球队状况尚不明确的球员,推迟欧洲杯可能意味着他们将错过机会再次参加职业生涯。例如,布鲁斯前锋吉鲁(Giroud),尽管法国人在德尚体系中具有不可替代的战术地位,但他在法兰克·兰帕德(Frank Lampard)的带领下发挥作用的机会很少,他决心在本赛季重用年轻人。对于33岁的吉鲁(Giroud),尽管他在冬窗之后的出场次数有所增加,但他在球队中的边缘化已成定局。考虑到今年夏天的冷转移市场,吉洛德很难。寻找一个满意的下一个家,如果您继续留在球队中,那名一岁的法国人将很难获得更多的比赛机会,也很难维持足够好的竞技状态来等待德尚明年夏天打电话。法国前锋显然不是一个好消息。

UEFA’s choice to postpone the European Cup is currently a correct decision recognized by all parties, but in essence it is still a necessary measure that must be taken to reduce losses in an extraordinary period. It cannot fundamentally resolve the new crown virus epidemic to international football. A major blow from the altar.


In the current epidemic situation, whether we are suffering from a grain of sand or a mountain, what we need is the concerted efforts of people from all over the world to abandon their suspicions and suppress selfishness. I hope that the European countries that have experienced this catastrophe can hold an event for us next year. Wonderful and meaningful event!


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